Afrimac Nursery

The Afrimac Nursery was established in 2014 with close to 1,000 macadamia seedlings. Over the years, the capacity has continued to grow and we now have over 100,000 seedlings. We are located along the Kenol-Murang’a Road which is centrally accessible to farmers within the macadamia growing regions in Kenya.

Our nursery aims to provide both small scale and commercial farmers with the best quality macadamia seedlings in the Kenyan Market. Due to our strong relationship with macadamia farmers in Kenya, we are well aware of the various challenges and risks that they face. These include:

– Unavailability of quality macadamia planting material

– Lack of information on the right varieties

– Poor crop husbandry practices

The nursery was established so as to mitigate the challenges that macadamia farmers face in Kenya. We ensure that the varieties are carefully selected and grafted with scions from our mother orchards to ensure that ‘true to type’ varieties is maintained.  Both the nursery and the mother orchards are certified by the relevant government bodies

We have  a farmers’ training program that ensures coverage of good agricultural practices (GAP) in all macadamia growing regions in Kenya. With our nursery raising over 100,000 macadamia seedlings annually, farmers now have access to quality planting materials and more so through our strategic alliances with a number of county governments to supply the same. Our nursery primarily propagates macadamia seedlings but also has other tree fruit seedlings such as avocados, mangoes and oranges.

The Nursery is divided into 5 sections

1. Seeding
This involves careful selection of planting material to raise into the root stocks. They are then soaked in water + fungicide solution for 72hrs followed by drying in the shade. They are then seeded in a light sterile media such as river sand.

2. Growing media section
This section involves mixing the growing media into the correct ration. The potting mixtures compose of forest soils, manure and sand.

3. Transplanting
When the seedlings have developed 3 leaves and a bud they are transplant to the potting bag and kept under shade for 9 months for macadamia and 3months for other fruit trees.

4. Grafting
Scions are judiciously selected according to the varieties required. Cleft grafting is the most common. Seedlings are then placed in tunnels to control the relative humidity especially during hot season.

5. Hardening off
After the graft has taken and the union site healed, the seedlings are kept in direct sunlight to harden them off and make them ready for sale.

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