Macadamia Quality


At Afrimac,  we observe strict adherence to quality standards at all stages of processing. Control measures include regular inspections throughout the production process and occasional testing or sampling of nuts. We also work closely with relevant government agencies to enhance quality control. The company has developed a well-defined quality assurance programme that specifies the systematic procedures to be carried out in the entire process, from growing to packaging to distribution.

We have a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and other stakeholders by producing high quality macadamia products (kernel and oil), and this remains our primary concern. Our Macadamia products are prepared to the highest standards using quality raw material and in compliance with all relevant legislation and approved code of practice in all our operations, and under sanitary conditions that do not expose them to any risk of contamination.

We are also governed by GFSI standards like BRC and FSSC which enable us to continuously uphold the set requirements throughout our processes and maintain safe, legal, authentic and quality products. All our staff are also trained to comply and conform to the set standards.


We are motivated to remain leaders in the industry and that is why we are compliant with all statutory requirements. Below are global certifications that we hold.