We package our macadamia nuts in nitrogen-flushed and vacuum-sealed aluminium foils. This prolongs the shelf life of the product as well as reduces rancidity. The macadamia nuts are then packed in 11.34kg(25lb) cartons.

Macadamia Specifications

Our product is graded into the following styles.

style 1 large

Style 1L -16mm to 20mm 95% wholes

style 1 small

Style 1S- 13mm to 16mm 95% wholes

macadamia outline

Style 2- 13mm+ 50:50% wholes: halves

style 4

Style 4L- 14mm to 16mm 90% halves

style 4 small

Style 4S – 9mm to 14mm 70% halves

m cut

Style 6 ( M-Cut)- 6mm to 9mm chips and pieces

s cut

Style 7 ( S-Cut) – 4mm to 6mm chips

S = Small | M = Medium | L = Large