The burgeoning partnership between Village Nut and AFRIMAC has inadvertently helped in reducing the alcoholism rates in Nyeri. In essence, the partnership has created employment opportunities that keep county residents both occupied and satisfied.

David Chege (a Nyeri county native and farmer) can certainly attest to this; Chege reveals that he was spending nearly 300 bob a week on alcohol and was barely able to make ends meet due to a lack of demand for his agricultural products. However, after being informed about AFRIMAC’s ethos and concept, Chege decided to approach the organization about acting as a macadamia nut supplier. Six months down the line, Chege’s business partnership with AFRIMAC has given him a more stable financial situation and a resolve to leave alcohol behind.

Similarly, Geoffrey Mutua had begun a deep descent into alcoholism due to depression that was induced by lack of employment. Fortunately, a friend of Mutua’s informed him about an available administrative job position at AFRIMAC (which he eventually obtained). All in all, Mutua has cut back on alcohol and has proven to be a dedicated employee. When asked about the changes in the domestic home since his
Employment, Mutua’s wife proudly boasts, “ no other home in the neighborhood could be doing as well now”.

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