Our Story

In Africa we love nuts and it is this source of deliciousness that has brought us together for many years. AFRIMAC, which is a blend between the words African and Macadamia, is a Kenyan company conceived on the notion that the taste of the African Macadamia nut needed to be brought to the world so that the world may share in this unique experience of quality and richness in taste.

Founded in 2012 by Johnson Muhara, who by then had over 30 years experience in the nut industry, the company’s mission was to expand its operations while bridging the gap that had been in the industry in terms of sourcing and producing top quality Macadamia. Mr. Muhara’s deep understanding of customers’ needs has also been useful to the company’s processes and this knowledge in turn has helped the company create opportunities for many Kenyans along the different channels to benefit.

AFRIMAC prides itself in its expertise in following the nut journey from when it is a seedling until it has been packaged ready for export. The working team brings on board extensive proficiency and mastery of the process, this is demonstrated in every step and through partnerships developed by working with three other nut producers: Sagana Nuts, The Village Nut (Nyeri) and Jumbo Nut (Embu).


Since inception, the impact has been great across the above communities especially where it concerns creating livelihoods for youth in these areas. By employing a huge team of trained sales representatives going straight to the fields in Macadamia growing zones and meeting farmers at their point of need, AFIMAC has directly created opportunities for over 200 staff and indirectly for over 3000 employees.


These teams specialize in doing direct purchases from farmers using modern digital scales and digital software for farmer registration, providing a direct link to farmers in order to improve relationships with the suppliers. AFRIMAC also complies with NutPAK’s vision to build capacity within the industry and as such, has constructed a nursery supplying certified seedlings to farmers for quality control purposes.

Being part of the Trade Fair has been significant in scaling the business in terms of exposure to new markets and new audiences – by attending the International Nut Congress, African Cashew alliance among others to promote products, AFRIMAC has been connected to the USA, Australia, Japan and China for export. tractor

Finally, AFRIMAC complies with all statutory requirements of the industry and has all the certification towards this (see below). We are inspired to remain leaders in an industry that is growing and we want to welcome the world to our humble shop where our business is mainly focused on sourcing, manufacturing and exporting Macadamia nuts that are grown on Kenyan soil. As we say in Kenya, Karibu and we hope you enjoy you time exploring and learning more about our products.



AFRIMAC is certified with BRC issue 7 since 21st October 2016. BRC being the first standard to be recognized as meeting the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmark is appreciated due to its ability to react to changing food safety concerns, meet customer requirements, and yet provide a simple, easy-to-follow process for us as the manufacturers.